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“This is the diary I let people read,” Goldin wrote of the series."Now I don't know that much about prisons but I know enough to realize I wouldn't want to put my dog in one," Danny Lyon said after photographing those incarcerated in Texas State prisons in the late 1960s.

"I wanted to do that because there's enough of the portrayal of the scary kind, the whole idea that you have to be careful when you go there," says Tracey's bright and funny alter ego when we meet in the offices of Channel 4.Now, with a gorgeous retrospective book, and accompanying gallery show at the Center for Sex and Culture, photographer Mark I.Chester brings together his work from 1977 to the present for the first time."Working toward the liberation of my fellow countrymen," Lyon hitchhiked to photograph the Civil Rights Movement and then turned his lens toward prisoners, migrant workers, tattoo artists, coal workers in China, and, recently, the Occupy Movement in California.Shaped in collaboration with the artist, the exhibit chronicles 50 years of Lyon’s advocacy journalism and the diverse array of artistic contributions he’s made to American culture, including 16mm films, writings, and photo montages.

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