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So you had better work it out before making a wrong choice. You check her e-mail, phone calls or other things related to her. In order to keep the relationship and stay together, some people lose themselves in dating or after marriage.

It may indicate that you don't have trust in the one you are dating. They do anything the person they love requests and likes.

I am easy going person and can easily move from one country to another , I do this ver...

If at ripen time and on appropriate occasions you or her is unwilling to or refuse to introduce each other to their friends and other people who are the most important in each other's life, there are some kinds of problems regarding to your relationship with her.

Y General speaking, if the relationship makes your happy, you will be eager to tell your family members or best friends. There is a chance that you fear the relationship with her. When someone calls her or someone sends her a message, you feel a strong attraction to look.

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